Hey, there!

Yes, you – the hard working, big dreaming, entrepreneur with a million things to do to grow your business and create some positive change in the world. 

We know you’re working your ass off to either kick things off, keep things running, or switch things up. You’ve got stuff to sell, leads to convert and changes to make. 

We see you, and we’re here to help!


Cedar Creative is a boutique creative agency dedicated to helping purpose driven entrepreneurs and small businesses and creators share their vision and create real change. 

Through our customized branding services, we help businesses develop, grow or reposition their brands to convey their stories with maximum impact. From interactive websites and compelling social media content to emotive video clips, we’ve got the tools to tell your story and bring in business and spark change. 

We want to make a difference, but we know we can’t do it alone. There are so many entrepreneurs and small business owners with incredible visions to share and we want to help them do that so together we can all make the world a little better.


We’ve worked for the big companies, we’ve seen the changes they’ve made in the world, but we’re really moved by the little guys – the underdogs, the dreamers – people who have a vision to make a positive change and we want to help you tell your story. That’s our vision!

We’d love to work together because we know that individually we can all make a difference and if we work together we can make great sh*t happen.


Megan Elliott


Megan Elliott - Co-founder & Brand Director

Megan is a branding guru who loves to help people tell their story. With has a keen eye for detail and passion for creative design, she knows how to create brands and businesses that people connect with.

Working in digital marketing and branding for nearly a decade, she found her knack for strategy. Now, she wants to share her passion and help other creatives and purpose-driven businesses tell their stories.

Fabio Pais


Fabio Pais - Co-founder & Creative Director

Fabio is a passionate creative who has been in the marketing industry for over a decade. With a background in events management and sports marketing, he knows how to make cool sh*t happen.

After picking up his first camera, he found favourite creative outlet in photography and videography, and loves to tell stories using powerful visuals. Check out some of his shots here!

Erandi Dominguez

Erandi Dominguez

Erandi is a multi-passionate designer with an artistic eye that helps her develop creative and innovative concepts for clients.

Her love for design extends across a variety of disciplines from graphic to fashion and interior design, giving her the knowledge and expertise to create intricate brands and delightful customer experiences.

Along with her design expertise, Erandi is an experienced entrepreneur. In 2008 she established ERANDI ART, a design company helping small to large businesses improve their online conversions through effective UX design.

Her passion for great design combined with her strategic vision will elevate your brand at every touchpoint.

Alicia Rodriguez Avila

Alicia Rodriguez Avila

Alicia is a Graphic Designer and Digital Marketing Specialist who is always on top of the latest trends.

With over a decade of experience working as a creative in the hospitality and print media industries, she’s highly skilled at editorial design. From annual reports to integrated email marketing, she creates campaigns that stand out online and in print.

A lifelong student, Alicia is passionate about staying up to date with the latest trends and techniques in digital marketing.

She combines her boundless curiosity with her love of creating to develop engaging content for clients across a variety of social media platforms.



We’re all about the little details, but the big picture matters to us.

We want to be sure that we’re giving you the best solution, so we like to get to know your business. We learn where you’re going and create a strategy to help get you there.


Yep, you read that correctly. We like to keep things real, so we don’t pretend to be something we’re not or sell you things you don’t need. 

But we’re not “yes-people” either – we’ll tell you what you need to hear to help your find clarity and focus in your message so you reach your target audience. 


We believe you should love what you do – and that’s why we do what we love!

Since we love our work we’re always trying to master our craft; continuously growing and learning to make sure we offer clients the latest trends and techniques to get them noticed. 


If you want different results then you need to do things differently – and that’s what we always try to do.  

You have a vision of creating change and we’re here to help. We work to find ways to make you stand out from the crowd. It’s our belief that speaking authentically is the key to being heard and we help you to find your voice and tell your story.


We know how valuable face time with clients is; and we think meeting with our clients on site is great! 

If you’re a digital nomad running your business out of coffee shop then that’s cool too! Thanks to technology we work with our clients all over the world – and if we need a face-to-face we’re only a call away. 


We believe everyone should do their part to make the world a little bit better; that’s why we’re committed to fair and sustainable working practices in all that we do. 

We strive to find solutions for our clients that are environmentally friendly and ethically sourced and we encourage the people we work with to do the same. 


Now that you know more about us, we’d love to hear more about you!  Fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.

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