Fabio Pais Photography Branding & Website

As a new photographer on the scene, Fabio was looking for a clean and professional brand that would help set him apart and a website to showcase his work. Using his extensive portfolio as inspiration, we came up with a simple, yet sleek brand design that complemented his work rather than competed with it.

Imagery and visuals are a powerful component of branding, and Fabio’s photos have a particular elegance to them that created a starting point for his brand. We just needed to add finishing touches that would help him tell his brand story completely.

Branding Fabio Pais Photography

Knowing the artist on a personal level helped us to weave elements of his personality into his brand so every aspect is authentic. Fabio values quality over quantity and that inspired a minimalist design of a script logotype and soft, masculine colours that complement his photography style. 

This sleek brand easily translated to his website design where we were able to create a clean and simple website that helped him show off his latest work. To check out his latest photos visit his site by clicking below. 


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